12 New iFish Apps Released to Android

iFishApps.com recently released 12 more state-specific iFish Apps for Android last week; with iOS versions coming soon! iFish Maine, iFish Massachusetts, iFish New Mexico, iFish Montana, iFish South Dakota, iFish New Jersey, iFish Virginia, iFish Idaho, iFish Kansas, iFish Utah, iFish West Virginia& iFish Wyoming are the most recent additions to the iFish Collection.


Android users are encouraged to take advantage of the endless features the iFish Apps offer to anglers such as species reference, best fishing times, weather details, lake reports, hotspots and so much more. This brings our state-specific app count to 40, we’ve almost completed the entire nation! Watch for the iOS release of the most recent 12 & the final 8 states!


To learn more and view all our apps visit www.iFishApps.com